It's summer festival season, and that means musicians all over the country are on mad packing binges.  They will stuff as much as possible into their poor vehicles and then embark on long cross country drives.  I am no exception to this rule and I'm currently sitting in my apartment surveying the chaos.  I've made progress, but the kitchen and the music equipment still need to be packed.  Tomorrow, I too will stuff my car and then I'll drive ten hours down to Greensboro, NC for the Eastern Music Festival. 
This year, there's the added fun of a Saturday morning rehearsal.  Normally, I arrive and have a day or so to get organized but this season we're performing an extra concert for the American Guild of Organists, so I really need to hit the ground running.  I'm trying to pack with as much precision as I can so I can get down there, get out of the car, get stuff set up and get practicing.  I'll be able to judge the success of this endeavor at 10am on Saturday when I have to give the A.  Being a professional is about playing well despite all the chaos on your life.  Granted, migrating causes a little more chaos than I normally live with, but I still have to be able to go down and do my job well.  Though it''s a challenge, it's also a lot of fun.  Especially since I know I'm not alone, everyone else in the orchestra is facing the same challenge and I know we'll all be just fine.  Now, where'


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